AFPC - Advanced First Person Controller For Unity

We have Successfully created an Advanced First Person Controller for Unity which is available at the Unity Asset Store named as AFPC.

AFPC has Support For mobile devices, WebGL and Standalone Platforms.

Features –

  • Player Movement

  • Two Types Of Player – Rigidbody Player and Spectator Style Player

  • Climbing

  • Crouching

  • Swimming

  • Grabbing and Throwing Objects

  • Fully Functional UI with Pause Menu

  • Custom Builders to get you quickly building things

  • Pickup items

  • Realistic Head Bobbing

  • Full Mobile & WebGL Support

  • Advanced Smooth Camera

  • Spawn Manager

  • Health Bar

  • Stamina Bar

  • Oxygen Bar

  • Loading Bar

  • Beautiful Custom Editor Scripts

  • Full Documentation

  • Surface Management – Different Footsteps Sounds on Different Surfaces

  • Door Manager for Creating Doors & Door keys

  • Different Footstep Sounds On Different Terrain Textures!


AFPC - WebGL Demo

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