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Tap To Play - Ball Bounce Game

Demo Video of my new Hyper Casual Game!

Unity Ads Google Publish Issue

We will solve the google play publish Issue: Violation Of Inappropriate Ads Policy 

Look at in one Axis

This video shows how to use Look At in one axis in both spaces.

Camera Input Mobile

This video shows how to create a camera input which is supportable for mobile platform.


Its an Showcase of my upcoming fps kit, AFPS.

Animating Stick man in Unity

This video shows how to animate a stick man inside of unity.

Creating a Flying Car In Unity

We Will Create a Switchable Flying Car in Unity

AFPC - Update v1.1

AFPC Update version 1.1

Added many new features and fixed bugs.

Persistent In Game Money

This video shows how to integrate PlayerPrefs to create in game money.

AFPS Update#1

Its an Update for an fps kit which our team is working on.


This is a fps kit which i made for fun, it has many bugs.lol

Animating Stick man in OpenToonz

This video shows how to animate a stick man in Opentoonz.

Unity Monetization SDK

We will solve the gradle, dex android build issue when using Unity monetization sdk.

Space Shooter - Series

In This series we will create a complete 2d unity space shooter for mobile, standalone and WebGL platforms.


This video shows features of powerful first person controller

which is available on unity asset store.

Post Processing Stack v2

Contains all the basic info to use Unity's post processing stack v2.

Fuse to Mixamo to Unity

This video shows how to create a character in adobe fuse, animate it using Mixamo and add behavior to it in unity within 12 mins.

Change text of Textmesh Pro

This video shows how to change text of Textmesh pro via script.

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